Santa Cruz Island is located in the heart of the archipelago, the research center Charles Darwin works here, the island is made up of lava tunnels, paradisiacal beaches, cloud forests and the port with the largest population of Galapagos. In Santa Cruz we have the best tours for you.


The largest island of Galapagos is also home to penguins, sharks, iguanas and the largest and most powerful volcanoes on the islands. The village Puerto Villamil preserves sandy streets, sea views and a beach with direct access. In Isabela the tours we offer are full of adventure and nature.


San Cristobal is also called La Isla Bonita, the best sunsets of Galapagos can be enjoyed in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, the port of the island. Here was where the scientist Charles Darwin arrived almost 200 years ago. We offer tours to see the wonders that inspired him, let’s discover them together.


The most intriguing stories in the history of Galapagos were lived in Floreana and its port Velasco Ibarra. Legends, naturelaza and adventure are the components of our tours to this beautiful island, each island has a different charm and this is not out of that list of natural wonders. Let’s go for a walk to Floreana.


  1. BIKE

    A Bike it’s an eco – friendly transport, do not produAs you will know everything its close, the stores, the market, fisherman market, the malecon so it’s easy to pedal around. One good idea its visit the highlands using a bicycle, you will arrive to the farms and tunnels to see the Giant tortoise on the wild and the lava tunnels formations. You can go in car directly to the spot with our guide and return to the town in bicycle, that’s the easiest way, but we recommend go to the highlands in bicycle and return to the town in bicycle, it’s a unique experience, all depends of you, the time for go up to the highlands its about one hour thirty to two hours.

    You can realize this activity on Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and in Isabela you can bike on the coast to appreciate the Giant tortoise on the breeding center, flamingos lagoon and the wall of tear.

    Important: You have to be conscience of your physical condition; do not overexert your self. Please let us know your physical conditions and we will recommend the best option, the climate influence a lot.



    In the Galapagos, mainly on Santa Cruz Island are some fishing daily trips specialized on catch and release kind, it’s a combined tour were you are going to enjoy of the wild life and with the enough luck you will catch some of the most incredible fish. Using a fishing rod you most have to be prepare to look for wahoo´s, yellow fin tuna, barracuda and some days inclusive Robalo´s. In this activity you have two options, you could charter a boat and go for a special fishing day or also there is the other option that is called “experiential fishing” that combines tour activities as visit a islands for full snorkel and a beach to relax, the fishing time would be around 1 hour. The “experiential fishing” its recommended for families that looking for a exciting day, also if you catch a fish that its permitted to eat according to the Galapagos National park rules, the crew will prepare sashimi on board.

    This type of tours includes the necessary fishing equipment, lunch on board, snorkel equipment and bilingual guide certificated by the Galapagos National Park and marine transportation.


    Beauty day at the Galapagos, you will experience a day of adventure just as the locals do, Paddleboard is one of the activity’s that has been growing on the islands the last years the activity consist in be stand up in a board and use a rowing to move around the sea. In this wonderful experience you will have an introductory class of 30 – 45 minutes, once that you have done the time for practice you will appreciate the coast of Santa Cruz, paddling close to the cliffs and looking the wild life around. Also you will take your snorkel equipment on the top of your board, the group instructor its going to let you know the perfect spot to have a look of the underwater world.

    Requirements: If you would like to have the picture of you adventure, you must have to bring a memory o flash drive.

    This tour includes a paddleboard instructor and equipment, pictures, hydration drink, water bottle & snorkel equipment (tube & mask).

    Not include: travel insurance, memory flash or flash drive, tips.

  4. SURF

    Surfing it’s one of the most incredible experiences, it just connect you with the nature. In Galapagos is one of the sports and life style that have been growing in the last 10 years; the “isleños” really appreciate the sea. If you would like to take a beginner class now it’s the moment, nothing better than doing in the paradise or if you have the enough experience we also can help you to find a board for you, you could rent it for the day. In the islands are some spots that were the local surfers learn to surf; some good beach breaks as Tortuga bay in Santa Cruz, Puerto chino in San Cristobal and also a beach on Isabela. If you have enough experience and you are looking for waves with power in Santa Cruz, there are some that works with the south swell as Angermeyer, Ratonera, Cerro Gallina (Chicken hill) and some secrets spots that locals will share with you if they have a trip planned, in San Cristobal are some spots that works with north and south swells the most famous are Punta Carola, El Cañon, Tongo reef and Loberia, there are plenty more spots, secret waves and undiscovered waves.

  5. KAYAK

    Kayak, a beautiful manner of discover the coast above crystalline water, this activity will make you feel unreal because its so mind – blowing, once that you are on the water you will really enjoy of the journey, animals from the undersea and from the coast on the most extreme freedom. You can practice of this activity on Floreana; feel like a pirate discovering the coast, or also in Santa Cruz in Punta Estrada or in San Cristobal on the bay and don’t forget Isabela that has beautiful landscapes and variety of wild life to do appreciate from the sea.


    Under a blue sky in some part of the world there its “the cradle of the evolution” offering you the opportunity to see the beginning of life in real time, most of the amazing animals live on this remote islands called Galapagos, immersed in crystalline water you could dive with magnificent animals as galápagos sharks, whales, hammer head sharks, green sea turtles, hawksbill, sea horses, penguins, sun fish, manta rays and many animals more. There are two ways to see the marine life, the diving day trips or diving cruises, either trip has them own magic the difference erradicate on the places of visits.

    Some of the most iconic places for diving day trips are: Seymour North, Gordon rocks, kicker Rock, Krawua, Hitler caves and Champion. Don’t forget that diving cruise on the Galapagos archipelago it’s a unique experience that’s why places as Darwin, Wolf, Punta Vicente Roca, Cabo Marshall and many more will show you the beauty of marine life.



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